Congratulations to the 2008
Janet Jordan Achievement Award Recipient


Kylie Short
Tilda Virtual Services

Kylie has accomplished great strides during the start-up phase of her business and has proven that she truly believes in helping the industry grow.

Message From Kylie:

"To be awarded The Janet Jordan Achievement Award is the greatest honour and recognition of what I have built. I am humbled by this award even more-so as it has been awarded to me by my peers.

To me, Janet Jordan was a successful business owner and an excellent Virtual Assistant. To be placed in the same group as Janet Jordan and previous winners of this award is just staggering to me. I love what I do and never expected to win this award. Thank you.

Personal Bio:


Eldest of four children Kylie grew up with a love of reading and a love of learning. Upon graduating high school in 1996, Kylie enrolled at college to study accounting. Moving onto Office Administration and Human Resources seemed a logical progression for her education and career path.
Having worked in Office Administration her whole career, answering a newspaper advertisement literally change her life. 34 weeks pregnant with her third child Kylie answered a job wanted ad for a qualified bookkeeper/secretary. The prospective employer took one look at Kylie’s rather large belly and offered the position to her on a subcontract basis. Having worked from home for the prior four years for her husband’s business, Kylie began to wonder about other women working from home providing administrative support. Little did she know there was an entire industry out there waiting for her.

Starting her business 15 May 2006, Kylie gave birth four weeks later and nurtured her two babies together. Now a multi-VA business with a small team that spans the globe and an employee that works with her in her office downtown, Kylie is still learning and reading as much as she can.


Business Bio: 

Tilda Virtual Services specialises in providing administrative, online marketing, e-newsletter design, Web site design and technical support to small business owners working from home. We know what it takes to balance home and family while building a successful and profitable business.

Named after her daughter, Tilda Virtual Services began as an answer to Kylie’s desire to have flexibility in her life as she actively participated in raising her children and nurturing her family. Her passion to help others is fuelled by the immense joy Kylie feels in being a business owner herself.

As a virtual business owner, Kylie understands the special challenges associated with establishing an online presence. Working with Kylie will show you how to reach your potential and experience feelings of accomplishment only possible when you take charge of your life and your business.

Here are just some of the comments by her peers:

"Kylie has an amazing ‘can-do’ attitude, if she’s not sure how to tackle the latest weird and
wonderful project that I’ve given her, she fi nds out. I simply couldn’t run the business I now run without her support. Her professional manner means that I can rely on her to take on all manner of tasks including tasks that put her in direct contact with my clients. Basically, once I’ve given a project to Kylie, I can relax, knowing that it will be taken care
of in a timely and effi cient manner.

"Kylie is knowledgeable, honest and fun to work with. She has good systems in place and knows when to get support when she needs it."

"I did not realise how much support a Virtual Assistant could be. I had been told that taking on a Virtual Assistant would invigorate my business and this has definitely been the case. Kylie is very accessible, always on the end of the phone. Her technical skills are excellent and she is very efficient. No task daunts her. I even had her making appointments and returning calls on my behalf. Who would have thought a Virtual assistant could do so much? I would recommend her to any small business owner. "


We congratulate Kylie on her accomplishments in achieving tremendous success in the Virtual Assistant industry during the start-up years of her business. 

Kylie will not only receive the recognition and respect of everyone in the Virtual Assistant industry, she will also receive:

  • A physical award to adorn her office
  • An award graphic to use on her website
  • An award certificate to use in her marketing material
  • 4 One-on-one "Next Level Laser Coaching" sessions with Dale Noles
  • 1 month Coaching package from Heather Jacobson
  • 1 Year Subscription to the Virtual Assistant Revolution
  • Business Accounting Wisely by Laurie Dart
  • Heather Jacobson's ebook, "Making Dollars Out of Cents"
  • VA Success Stories Interviews from Sharon Williams
  • Business Building Ebook Libary by Janice Byer
  • The VA's Guide to the Multi-VA Business Ebook by Michelle Jamison
  • 6-month VAinsider membership from Tawnya Sutherland
  • Entrepreneurial Freedom & Companion Workbook by Jeannine Clontz & Lauren Hidden
  • Outlook for the Entrepreneur Training Videos by Paul Wagner
  • Professional crafted company or personal Profile by Donna-Marie Coggins
  • The Fifth Edition of Forms & Templates for the Virtual Assistant Business by Susan Totman
  • Shopping Cart Secrets from the Shopping Cart Queen, Christina Hills

Thank you to the above companies that donated to our award winner