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Speakers - 2009 List of Presenters

The Brightest Minds in the Virtual Assisting and
the  Business Community Share Their Expertise


Live Online International VA Convention

Thursday, October 1 ~ Saturday, October 3, 2009

Learn from Professionals in the areas of Business, Technology, Communication, Coaching, Marketing, and Social Media as well as Commercial Technology Experts, VA Coaches and Trainers. Click any featured speaker's name to see impressive credentials of presenters helping you achieve your dreams.

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Speaker Name Topics
Leesa Barnes 5 Ways to Attract All the Leads You Can Handle Using Social Media
Teresa Berger 6 Secrets to Creating Positive Buzz for You, Your Clients and the VA Industry
Lisa Boyd CSS: Making "Code Super Sexy"
Janice Byer How to Respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs)
Andrea Cannavina Working Virtually with the Right Technology
Jill Allison Chongva WordPress: Put the Power of WordPress to Work for You and Your Clients
Jeannine Clontz Creating a Prospect Response System
Debora Collins New Features of Microsoft 2007 Suite
Linda Dessau 5 Secrets that will Improve Anything You Write
Diana Ennen Be All You Can Be as a Publicity Virtual Assistant
Christina Favreau Secrets to Using the Know Like and Trust Factor to Get Clients
Tina Forsyth Becoming an Online Business Manager - To Be or Not to Be
Angela Green Work Once. Market Your Business All Week Long
Cindy Greenway Generalist or Specialist VA? The Differences, Advantages, and the 14 Specialty Areas to Choose From
Alyssa Gregory 27 Tips for Being a Successful Virtual Assistant
Donna Gunter Get Found Online: 7 Smart Strategies to Massively Increase Your Visibility Online, Today!
JIll Hart How to Find the Business That's Right for You
Clodagh Higgins Facebook - More than Personal
Christina Hills Using WordPress for your Website (Not a Blog)
Belinda Jackson

Creating Buzz through Online Visibility!

Blogging & Social Medial Strategies to Build Your Business

Lesley Johnston Google Analytics - A Practical Guide to Implementation
Jan B. King Authors are Asking for You! The Exciting Opportunity to Becoming an Author's Assistant
Jaime Lee Mann How to Write Right for Your Business
Becki Noles Getting the Most Out of 1Shopping Cart
Dale Noles W3C: Ride the Wave - Your Future on the Web
Dale Noles CSS: "Making Code Super Sexy"
Lorraine Pirihi What Every VA Needs to Know to Successfully grow their Business from Home
Lyn Prowse-Bishop 5 Tips for Starting Your VA Business
Craig Rispin 10 Secrets for Driving Real Business to Websites
Jon Rognerud SEO for Beginners
Nancy Seeger How to Design a Website that Appeals to Your Audience
Nancy Seeger VAs on a Mac - Questions, Best Apps and Communicating with PCs
Sherra Scott Quickbooks for VAs - Parts 1 & 2
Kylie Short VAs on a Mac - Questions, Best Apps and Communicating with PCs
Scott Stratten How to Succeed in Social Media by Using Social Currency
Tawnya Sutherland Is Becoming a Virtual Assistant Right for You?
Kathie Thomas Networking - Business or Social?
Sharon Williams Your True Brand Identity Can Make or Break Your Business
Sharon Williams Creating a Successful Business Plan that Reflects Your Vision

Nancy Seeger

Nancy Seeger - OIVAC - VAs on a Mac

Arts Assistance

Fairfax, VA

Nancy Seeger of Arts Assistance is a VA specializing in Web Design and graphics for the performing arts and small businesses. A former orchestra manager of 16 years, Nancy began working on websites in the mid 90s. Now a certified Web Designer and serving on the IVAA Board of Directors, Nancy began in 2007 and has a full VA practice including a GRAMMY Artist.


Kylie Short

Kylie Short - OIVAC - VAs on a Mac

Tilda Virtual Services

Melbourne, Australia

Kylie Short, founder and manager of Tilda Virtual Services in Melbourne, Australia, specialises in providing first-class Virtual Assistant services to a broad range of industries. While these industries include information portals, online stores, internet marketers, government auditor, business coaches and marketing consultants, Kylie has a particular passion for helping small business owners… a passion fuelled by the immense pleasure she derives from her own business.


Presentation: VAs on a Mac - Questions, Best Apps, and Communicating with PCs

So you just switched to using a Mac and wondering what are the best applications for VAs and best online tools for Macs. You have questions and hopefully we have answers! Long time Mac users Nancy Seeger of Arts Assistance, Katie Baird of Loose Ends and Kylie Short of Tilda Virtual Services have been there and done that with Macs. So come equipped with your questions, we will review some popular applications, trends, and methods and let's talk Mac for VAs with plenty of opportunity to ask questions for new users.

Giveaway:  One month gift subscription to Lynda.com

Leesa Barnes

Marketing Fit
Toronto, ON


Presentation: 5 Ways to Attract All the Leads You Can Handle Using Social Media



Does your website generate at least 30 new leads per week? If you answered no, it’s time for an online makeover using social media. Join social media expert, Leesa Barnes, as she shares how you can inject life into your website or blog and turn it into a lead generating machine using social media marketing tools, such as Facebook, Twitter, blogging and podcasting.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should focus less on generating traffic and more on attracting leads
  • Which social media tools will give you the best leads for your blog or website (and which ones you should stay away from)
  • What fruit flies can teach you about creating the right bait for your blog or website
  • The one thing you must use to attract eyeballs to your blog or website (you’d be surprised by what this is)
  • The only social media tool you should use to fill your next workshop, teleclass or group coaching program

Named as one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Social Media, Leesa Barnes is an award winning blogger and author of Podcasting for Profit. She teaches small business owners and entrepreneurs how to get started with social media using the Marketing Fit 3-step system.

Giveaway: A 5 part downloadable MP3 called "3 Ways to Use Social Media & Podcasting to Beat Any Economic Downturn"

Lisa Boyd


Lisa Boyd a code junkie. She does custom installations and hosting for WordPress.org and has worked with many designers to take their graphics and integrate them into a theme. Lisa also develops custom WordPress themes from scratch.


Dale Noles

VA Training
Elizabethville, PA

Dale Noles has been a Virtual Assistant since 1998. He becomes elated through the successes of those that he coaches and it shows through his desire and drive to help them realize and pursue their biggest dream. One of Dale’s passions is teaching entrepreneurs the necessity of having a distinctive target market and utilizing that leverage to their fullest potential.

Presentation:  CSS: Making "Code Super Sexy"

If you have ever looked at the code for your web site and saw all the gibberish, junk code loaded into it like sardines packed in a can and wanted to change it so it is "fresh and clean" for the Google bots. Give your web site code a fashion "Makeover" that will have Google clamoring to crawl all over it. Learn how to bat your virtual lashes in this hour long presentation.

You will learn where to use CSS in your website, how you can use it with HTML and Blogging Platforms. We will teach you the basic rules and you will learn that the code you create means more to Google than the pre-fabricated code of a online web site builder. We will show you how to build your very own completely customized CSS from scratch and how to connect it to your web site. Plus, we will show you where you can get free tools and additional tutorials that will help to speed you on your way to catching up to Web 2.0.

Giveaway:  TBA

Teresa Berger


Teresa Berger, OIVAC 2009 PresenterInnovate Services
Roslyn, Pennsylvania

Presentation: 6 Secrets to Creating Positive Buzz for You, Your Clients & the VA Industry

In 6 Secrets to Creating Positive Buzz for You, Your Clients & the VA Industry Teresa shares what VA's should do on a regular basis to help generate positive buzz around their businesses bringing in more qualified leads. Built on the "know, like, trust" factor, this approach to PR is one that is simplified, consistent and easy to implement.

Participants will have the opportunity to share what their current PR efforts are and learn:

  • How developing a one page buzz generation plan and annual calendar can simplify and organize their efforts.
  • How partnering with clients to generate positive buzz and targeted exposure for their businesses can be a win-win for the VA and the industry as a whole
  • What your duties as a professional VA are with respect to presenting the industry as a professional, highly skilled and lucrative option for potential clientele.
  • How public relations and paid advertising differ in marketing one's business.
  • What your potential clients want to hear from you.

As founder and Chief Buzz Generator at Innovate Services, Teresa has married her passion for writing and marketing with the principles of ethical public relations to help her clients gain the exposure they deserve. Clients partner with Innovate Services to organize, write, edit and submit their public relations activities including press releases and story pitches. Through her writing expertise and marketing background, Teresa has helped clients obtain interviews, print media mentions and increased exposure sending traffic their way.

Giveaway: 50% off of 1 press release write up and submission to the first 20 ezine subscribers at CreatingPositive Buzz.com. The Free Keep It Super Simple (K.I.S.S.) PR & Editorial Tips ezine offers insight, examples and tips on creating positive buzz for the entrepreneur.

Janice Byer

Docu-Type Administrative and Web Design Services
Ontario, Canada

Presentation: How to Respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs)




One of the most daunting and stressful tasks professionals in the service industry face is how to correctly respond to Requests for Proposals (RFP) or Requests for Quotations (RFQ) in such a way that there will be a chance that you will actually get the contract. In this session we take you through the steps of writing your proposal, from compiling your information to refining it to what to do after you have sent it.

Janice Byer, owner of Docu-Type Administrative; Web Design Services since 1998, is a Certified Master Virtual Assistant (MVA), Certified Canadian Virtual Assistance (CCVA) and the recipient of several awards that prove her dedication to being a business that others can count on. She is also a co-founder and Executive Director of the Canadian Virtual Assistant connection, author of several small business ebooks, and contributor to numerous online and print publications and VA organizations.

Giveaway: A PDF copy of How to Respond to RFPs

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Andrea Cannavina

Andrea Cannavina - OIVAC - Digital Security 101

Legal Typist
Hicksville, NY

Presentation: Digital Security 101



Anyone who uses the web needs to understand the risks involved in keeping your data, your client's information and your processes secure. Do you use ordinary e-mail to transfer company work product? Do you understand the various means that spammers, phishers and hackers use to get at your data and how to protect yourself? Listen to Andrea as she rounds up and explains the most common threats and how to not fall prey to their malicious intent.

Participants will walk away knowing how to protect themselves, their equipment and their processes from prying on line eyes; as well as how to work the web securely.

As a Master Virtual Assistant with over 8 years practical experience working for law firms of all sizes through the web, Andrea knows security and confidentiality. Her practice, LegalTypist, Inc. is the premiere virtual assistant practice to the legal industry and has been retained by law firms across the US.

Giveaway:  Digital Security 101, an ebook which fully covers the issues involved in working securely on and through the Internet.

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Jill Allison Chongva

J. Allison Chongva - OIVAC - Power of WordPress presentation

VA Diva

Winnipeg, CA

Presentation: WordPress: Put the Power of WordPress to Work for You and Your Clients



Put the Power of WordPress to Work for You and Your Clients - an introduction to the most simple and flexible CMS you will ever meet. Learn the basics of how to use WordPress as a CMS for both your VA site and your clients sites including:

  • how to create a post
  • how to create pages
  • what the heck is a plugin?
  • how to back up your WordPress site
  • how to upgrade as new releases become available
  • how to improve your SEO

Giveaway: PDF workbook to complement the training session and free follow-up support by email or phone for two months

Jeannine Clontz

Jeannine Clontz - OIVAC - Creating a Prospect Response System

VA Business Coach

Arnold, MO

Presentation: Creating a Prospect Response System


Learn the key elements to creating and implementing a prospect response system. Answer main objections; create a response and follow-up system that will help you stay focused on closing the sale.

Key elements to develop their own system to responding to prospective client requests; feel more comfortable in controlling the conversation; asking the right questions and responding to objections to turn prospects into clients; and setting up the system so that you increase your success and close ratio.

Giveaway: e-book Entrepreneurial Freedom, How to Start and Grow a Profitable Virtual Assistance Practice; 4-month trial of the Elite VA Insiders group coaching program (for established full-time VAs).

Linda Dessau

Linda Dresseau - Presenter at OIVAC

You Talk, I'll Write
Ontario, Canada

Presentation: 5 Secrets That Will Improve Anything You Write



Come and meet Linda Dessau, editor, ghostwriter and certified coach, and the founder of You Talk, I'll Write. She will share writing secrets that are guaranteed to improve your articles, websites, e-courses, special reports, books and anything else that you write – even your emails!

You'll learn:

  • How to break down the barriers between you and your readers
  • The surprising truth about what makes you look smart in writing
  • How to tap the gold mine of content inside of you
  • What your readers are looking for
  • Why spell checkers don't work

This presentation will help VA's help their clients with all of their written materials. And they may even learn a thing or two to improve their own writing!

Linda Dessau, MTA, CPCC, is the author of The Customizable Style Guide for Coaches Who Write. Her clients are coaches who have great ideas but they’re too busy to write, they’re intimidated by the writing process or they’re worried about making mistakes. Her ghostwriting and editing services are a welcome relief as she helps coaches finish, polish and get better results from their writing.


Giveaway: Free writing secrets at For Coaches Who Write

Diana Ennen

Diana Ennen - OIVAC - Be All You Can Be as a Publicity Virtual Assistant

Virtual Word Publishing
Margate, Florida

Presentation:  Be All You Can Be as a Publicity Virtual Assistant


Learn why becoming a publicity virtual assistant might be the right move for you. We'll talk about what a publicity virtual assistant is and does and how you to can add this speciality to your virtual assistant business. Also, amazing tips for your success.

This session will provide details on how to become a publicity virtual assistant including how to get clients, work with those clients, be the best at it and the one that clients continually seek out.

Diana Ennen is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, offering publicity and marketing. Also, Diana is the author of numerous books including Virtual Assistant the Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA and accompanying workbook.

Giveaway: Free Sample of Virtual Assistant the Series and a PR Promotional Package. Also coupon for 20% off virtual assistant coaching.

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Cristina Favreau

Christina Favreau - OIVAC - Secrets to Using the Know, Like and Trust Factor to Get Clients

Cristina Favreau
Montreal, Canada

Presentation:  Secrets to Using the Know, Like and Trust Factor to Get Clients



You’ve heard the expression “Gain the Know, Like and Trust Factor." The problem is that it’s rarely properly explained. It's become more of a marketing catch phrase with very little information on what that really means and how to do it effectively. During Cristina's presentation she will cover how, by injecting your personality and using your strengths and, using the Know, Like and Trust Factor you can uniquely differentiate yourself from other VA's.

You're going to come away from this presentation with solid information you can start applying in your marketing right away, so you can regain momentum, differentiate yourself from the competition, with plenty of actionable ideas for putting yourself out there.

Cristina Favreau, aka The Brainstormist, turns "generalist" service-based solo professionals into specialists by helping them uncover their unique strengths and abilities. She’ll show you how to apply your uniqueness to your marketing to attract prospects to you. After just one brainstorming session, you’ll identify what differentiates you from your competition. You’ll come up with immediate marketing strategies to gain momentum and take immediate action. Discover Your Awesomeness! Visit http://blog.cristinafavreau.com for Cristina’s blog.

Giveaway: TBA

Tina Forsyth

Tina Forsyth - OIVAC - Becoming an Online Business Manager - To Be or Not to Be

Online Business Manager
Lethbridge, Canada

Presentation:  Becoming an Online Business Manager - To Be or Not to Be



More and more clients are looking for VAs to play a bigger role on their team. They are looking for a ‘partner’ who can help manage and grow their business - an Online Business Manager (OBM). What is the role of an OBM and how can you get started working with clients in this capacity? What are the pluses (and minuses) of being an OBM? How can you find the right clients who are ready to hire? If you have ever felt the itch to do something more with your VA business, this is the seminar for you.

Participants will walk away with the following:

  • A clear understanding of what an Online Business Manager (OBM) does, and how it compares to a virtual assistant
  • The key responsibilities of the OBM role and how to know if they are ready (or willing) to take on the OBM role
  • How to determine if a client is truly ready to hire an OBM

Tina Forsyth is co-author of Money Meaning and Beyond and Pink Spoon Marketing and a Partner in Multiple Streams of Coaching Income and the Multiple Streams Team.

Giveaway: Free copy of the 60 minute audio "Transitioning to the Online Business Manager Role With Your Current Clients"

Angela Green

Angela Green - Presenter at OIVAC

Virtual Assistant30.com

Delano, MN

Presentation: Work Once. Market Your Business All Week Long!



Summer is almost here! Do you want to spend your time inside - in front of your computer? Or do you want to spend your time outside - gardening, going for walks, or having fun with your kids? A savvy Virtual Assistant knows that she must constantly market herself to ensure a steady, filled practice. In this presentation, Angela Green will show you step-by-step what you need to do just once a week to keep your business in front of potential clients all week long.

Participants will learn a concrete, 4-step plan which they can immediately implement on a weekly basis. This plan involves utilizing RSS feeds to gather the latest news and trends, pre-posting blogs and feeding into Twitter, devising an online tickler system to prompt personal communication with clients and prospects, and submitting articles to the most relevant directories to small businesses and Virtual Assistants.

Angie Green is the editor of Virtual Assistant 3.0, a blog for tech-savvy Virtual Assistants to stay in-the-know. She is also the author of “The Virtual Assistant Manual for Moms: A 4-week plan to build your VA business.” Angie is the mom of 3 kids, wife of 1 husband, owner of 1 dog, and lives in Delano, Minnesota.

Giveaway: Pdf file outlining the 4-step plan to work once and market your business all week long, and a 40% off coupon for the 90 page e-book "The Virtual Assistant Manual for Moms: A 4-week plan to build your VA business."

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Cindy Greenway

Cindy Greenway - Generalist or Specialist VA?

Hot Skills VA Training
Victoria, BC, Canada

Presentation:  Generalist or Specialist VA? The Differences, Advantages, and the 14 Specialty Areas to Choose From


The Virtual Assistant industry is changing. It's not good enough to be a "general" VA anymore. Clients are looking for VAs that specialize in specific areas rather than a "jill of all trades". Join us and learn the top 14 specialty areas available to VAs.

Virtual Assistants will learn:

  • the difference between a General VA and Specialty VA
  • the various specialties available to VAs (that clients are willing to pay for)
  • WHY a Virtual Assistant should consider specializing and how it impacts their business
  • and much, much more

Cindy took a leap of faith in 2003 when she started her Virtual Assistant business, only six months after the birth of her first son. It wasn't until late 2002 that she even learned of the term Virtual Assistant. Since the start of her business Cindy has worked with highly respected and successful online-based business owners by implementing and managing technology, automating and streamlining various processes, overseeing and managing current marketing strategies, building a virtual team, and contributing to the development of new products, programs and services.

Giveaway: One copy of "Virtually Successful: 8 Simple Ways for Virtual Assistants to Find (and Keep) Clients" and a pdf of the presentation to attendees.

Alyssa Gregory

Alyssa Gregory - OIVAC Presenter


Stewartsville, NJ

Presentation:  27 Tips for Being a Successful Virtual Assistant


Join author and seasoned VA, Alyssa Gregory, for a session highlighting her secrets to success as a virtual assistant, as featured in her book, VA Secrets Revealed! An Insider's Guide to Being a Successful Virtual Assistant. You'll learn how she has leveraged traditional techniques to market her business on a "skinny" budget, identify and acquire ideal clients, and create a foundation to support a thriving virtual assistant business. The secrets to success are relevant for virtual assistants in all stages of business.

Participants will leave enthused and excited by the practical, real-life advice provided during the session. They will be ready to make quick and impactful changes immediately to jumpstart their businesses.

Alyssa Gregory has been a virtual assistant since 2003 when she started her company, avertua. Last year she wrote a book, entitled "VA Secrets Revealed! An Insider's Guide to Being a Successful Virtual Assistant." She recently launched the Virtual Assistant Hub, a free service that provides a place for information sharing among VAs and their clients. Alyssa is a small business advocate, and she provides tips, resources and tools through her blog, the Small Business Idea Generator.

Giveaway: E-book copy of VA Secrets Revealed! An Insider's Guide to Being a Successful Virtual Assistant and a 15% coupon for products available at the Virtual Assistant Hub.

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Donna Gunter

Donna Gunter - OIVAC - Get Found Online: 7 Smart Strategies to Massively Increase Your Visibility Online, Today!

Online Biz U


Presentation: Get Found Online: 7 Smart Strategies to Massively Increase Your Visibility Online, Today!



Have you felt frustrated at your inability to stand out in a sea of virtual assistants? Do you need to get clients from your website but don't know where to start? Have you been burned by some infoproduct that didn't deliver the results promised? If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you are losing hundreds of potential client opportunities, thousands of dollars in the bank, and untold hours in pointless marketing activities. It's time to stop chasing clients and learn the secrets of creating a thriving VA business where clients beg you to work with them!

In this seminar, you'll discover:

  • The million dollar questions you must answer BEFORE you start any marketing (hint: without this, everything you do will be a waste of time)
  • The one Internet marketing secret NO ONE tells you about that will quadruple your marketing reach (and it's not what you think!)
  • A simple two-step plan that will instantly establish you as an expert in your field
  • How just one email per week can help you build a waiting list of clients
  • A easy-to-follow formula that will IMMEDIATELY get your site indexed in the major search engines
  • The best 15 minutes a day you can use to quickly build your network from zero to hundreds or thousands
  • Three deadly mistakes virtual assistants make when trying to attract media attention
  • The most effective strategy to share your expertise with hundreds of potential clients in only an hour a month
  • 5 simple ways that even a beginner can get her site ranked at the top of organic searches

Donna Gunter, founder of OnlineBizU.com, is an a Boomer Biz Coach and Internet Marketing Strategist who helps baby boomers create prosperous online retirement businesses that fulfill their passions. She accomplishes this by teaching them how to automate their businesses, leverage their expertise online, and implement the most effective Internet marketing strategies to increase their visibility in their marketplace.

Giveaway: Two complimentary one-year memberships ($127 value) to OnlineBizU.com, the premier Internet marketing community for baby boomers.

Jill Hart

Jill Hart - OIVAC 2009 Presenter

Bellevue, NE

Presentation:  How to Find the Business That's Right for You


Is becoming a VA right for you? How do you know what career field will work best for you? Tune in to find out how you can narrow down the wide world at-home careers and find what will work best for you.

  • Learn about themselves and their personality type
  • Learn about work at home options
  • Nail down an area or two that would work best for them

Jill Hart is the founder of Christian Work at Home Moms, CWAHM.com. She graduated from Grace University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development/Family Studies and Bible. Jill has worked from home since 2000 and started her own home-based business to assist other Christians who desire to work from home while maintaining a godly life. Jill and her husband, Allen of CWAHD.com (Christian Work at Home Dads) reside in Nebraska with their two children.

Giveaways:  A copy of So You Want To Be a Work-At-Home Mom. I will also give away a number of advertising packages for CWAHM.com.

Clodagh Higgins

Clodagh Higgins - OIVAC - Facebok - More than Personal

Get Focused Consulting
Wollstonecraft, NSW, Australia

Presentation:  Facebook - More than Personal



Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites in the world today. Is it only for personal use? There are many ways to use Facebook to help your business and connect with your clients. During this session, you will learn:

  • How to create events in Facebook.
  • How to build groups in Facebook.
  • How to promote your business and your clients businesses in Facebook

Clodagh is a Marketing & Sales Strategist. In her 13 years plus career she has worked with multi-national companies including Sony & Dell as a successful Sales & Account Manager. This proven success and experience allows Clodagh to add real value to clients business; many times it is developing the marketing & sales strategy and more importantly executing that strategy for her clients with her company Get Focused Consulting.

Giveaway: Free step-by-step guide on Ways to Promote your Business on Facebook.

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Christina Hills

Christina Hills - OIVAC - Using Wordpress for Your Website (Not a Blog)

Shopping Cart Queen
Grass Valley, CA

 Using WordPress for your Website (Not a Blog)



Did you know that you can use the free software Wordpress for your website that is NOT a blog? Yes, Wordpress is the best way to manage your website, or your client's websites, WITHOUT having to be a tech geek. By attending this seminar, participants will walk away with a knowledge of what Wordpress can do for them and their clients.

Christina Hills, often known as the "The Shopping Cart Queen", is an eCommerce marketer. She helps small business owners understand and use shopping cart systems, membership programs, and autoresponder systems. With Christina’s training, you can more effectively sell online by fully engaging with your customers and following up with your prospects. Her skills and background are unquestionably ‘technical’; yet her style is completely ‘user friendly’ and marketing oriented. Christina is now teaching Wordpress because it's a great way to have an online presence whether or not you want a blog.

Giveaway: TBA

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Belinda Jackson

Belinda Jackson - OIVAC - Creating Buzz through Online Visibility!!Web Chameleon
Wamberal NSW

Presentation: Creating Buzz through Online Visibility!!

Blogging & Social Media Strategies to build your business

With millions of websites online, can your prospects easily find yours? Have you noticed everyone’s talking about Search Engine Optimization, Blogging and Social Media lately? Are you wondering what all the fuss is about?  

Come along and learn simple and effective Zero Cost Online Marketing strategies to easily attract new leads to your business and website.  

Here’s just a snapshot of what you will learn during this presentation;

  • What it is and Why Online Visibility is essential in 2009.
  • How to attract attention (the good sort) & free publicity online.
  • How to easily optimize your website for being found on the Search Engines (SEO in simple terms)
  • A simple explanation of Blogging & Social Media.
  • How to generate massive leads to your business & website through these mediums.

This presentation will be full of real world strategies that work so you’re guaranteed to leave with ideas that you can implement immediately in your business! 

Belinda Jackson of Web Chameleon works with solo professionals and business owners to educate, inspire and assist them in harnessing the power of Online Marketing.   

Belinda is a successful business woman, mother and wife, who loves to share her knowledge with her audiences and enjoys helping other small business owners get a handle on the topic of Online Marketing.


Lesley Johnston

Lesley Johnston - OIVAC - Google Analytics

Internet Growth Systems
Steeple Claydon, Buckinghamshire, UK

Presentation: Google Analytics - A Practical Guide to Implementation


Google Analytics is a must have free tool from Google to be install on your website. Unfortunately many business owners are unsure on how to install it let alone how to use and interpret the vast amount of information you receive from your Google Analytic reports. Learn how to install Google Analytics on your website, set up your Google Analytics Dashboard and how to interpret and use the results to increase your online profits.

To be able to install and interpret your Google Analytics reports. By understanding which of your online marketing strategies are driving the most traffic to your website and which aren't pulling any traffic you will be able to achieve a better return on your investment, namely your time. You will also be able to use your Google Analytics reports to focus on the pages where your traffic is leaking and plug these leaks as well as make sure that the pages on your website are achieving your specific calls to action for each page, whether that is to signup, click or buy.

Lesley Johnston has over 8 years online experience in website development, internet marketing and social networking. Lesley teaches her clients how to full monetize their websites and web presence and the first step of doing so is by installing Google Analytics to their website and learning how to interpret the results.

Giveaway:  Free Report on How To Install Google Analytics and Set Up Your Google Analytics Dashboard.

Jan B. King

Jan A. King - OIVAC - Authors are Asking for You!

The Publishing Store
El Segundo, CA

Presentation: Authors are Asking for You! The Exciting Opportunity to Becoming an Author's Assistant


The number of people who have become authors has almost doubled over the past five years with no downturn in sight. With some specialized training, a virtual assistant can boost her expertise (and her income) by taking on tasks that have been traditionally handled by publishing companies and publicists.

Do you like books and writing? Then becoming an author’s assistant may be the right next step for you. Stop wondering if you are doing all you can for your author, speaker, coach and entrepreneur clients and invest an hour in yourself to explore a brighter future for you and for them.

You will learn about the enjoyable and exciting work of the author’s assistant where and how to find author clients. You will hear about the experiences of current author's assistants and why they are glad they chose this niche.

Ms. King is one of the founders of and the instructor for the Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program, For 10 years she has been a consultant for authors and publishers and prior to that she was President & CEO of Merritt Publishing which published over 200 titles a year.

Giveaway: Downloadable PDF of a professional marketing tool to use in selling virtual author's assistant services to authors and a coupon for $100 off of the 8-hour Virtual Author's Assistant Training Program, the only training program for virtual author's assistants.


Jaime Lee Mann

Jaime Lee Mann - OIVAC Presenter

Mann Made Copy
Conwall, Canada

Presentation: How to Write Right for your VA Business


From sales letters and website content to blog posts and email campaigns, there's lots of writing to be done when you operate a business. This presentation will teach you lots of tips and tricks about writing the right way for your VA business and why you should never underestimate the power of words!

VAs will learn how to write effective copy to promote their business.

Former Janet Jordan Achievement Award Recipient, Jaime Lee Mann started her VA business, Mann Made Time in June of 2006. It didn't take long before most of the projects she was taking on were of a copywriting nature and in March of 2009, Jaime launched Mann Made Copy, a freelance copywriting business, to run independently of Mann Made Time. She now writes full time and has a team of VAs to take care of the admin needs of her clients through Mann Made Time. Jaime is uniquely qualified to speak to VAs on the topic of copywriting as she lives and works in both worlds.

Giveaway: TBA

Becki Noles

Becki Noles - OIVAC - Getting the Most Out of 1Shopping CartVA Training
Elizabethville, PA

Presentation: Getting the Most Out of 1Shopping Cart



In "Getting the Most Out of 1ShoppingCart" we will explore the practical and advanced uses of 1ShoppingCart and its benefits to both you and clients. Participants will be guided through setting up autoresponders, digital products, recurring payments, affiliate program, advanced 1ShoppingCart features and so much more.

Becki Noles, Visionary of Virtual Accuracy has been at the forefront of stream-lining coaching and entrepreneurial businesses since 1998. Utilizing her background in marketing, publicity, corporate training, advertising and media, Becki custom tailors and implements individualized action plans for taking coaching businesses to the next level. As a Virtual Assistant her business partners with top business and executive coaches in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and the world over.

Giveaway: 1Shopping Cart Cheat Sheet

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Dale Noles

Dale Noles - OIVAC - W3C: Ride the Wave - Your Future on the WebVirtual Accuracy Companies
Elizabethville, PA

Presentation: W3C: Ride the Wave - Your Future on the Web


Why is the W3C validation important to owners of VA businesses? Why should we even care? The simple answer is because we want to safeguard and follow the guidelines that ensure long-term growth for the Web. W3C is more than just accessibility and validation and in this presentation I will show you why.

This session will delve into numerous areas of web site usability and functionality. I will provide an overview on some topics and a more in depth view on others while seeking to entertain and enlighten simultaneously. I will cover topics like:

  • Who cares about web site standards, so why should you?
  • Why is validation and accessibility important in the overall design and functionality of your website?
  • How do you validate your code to ensure maximum compliance to readability and accessibility for your web site?
  • Best practices for making your website viewable from a mobile device
  • And so much more…

These topics may sound dry, but be prepared to ride the wave of the future in web site best practices.

Dale Noles, President of Virtual Accuracy, The Selon {See-lon} Group, and VA Training, has been a VA since 1998. His background includes corporate training, MIS, marketing, branding and advertising. He has extensive knowledge of web production, SEO, graphic design and office automation. He has developed a unique mentoring program in an effort to assist aspiring Virtual Assistants.

Giveaway: iPod Shuffle


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Lorraine Pirihi

Lorraine Pirihi - OIVAC - What Every VA Needs to Know to Succeed

The Productivity Queen
Melbourne, Australia

Presentation: What Every VA Needs to Know to Successfully grow their Business from Home


Feeling Isolated Working From Home? Overloaded With Too Much To Do? Want To Grow Your V.A. Business But Don't Know Where To Start? Discover the 5 top tips to being more productive and profitable. They will learn simple and easy to implement strategies to stop struggling under time pressures and money worries, attract and retain as many clients as they want, without working any harder.

Lorraine Pirihi, The Productivity Queen, is a Productivity Expert, speaker, author and business coach. She's the Creator of The Productivity and Profit System the complete one-on-one homestudy training program for solopreneurs and small business. She shows business owners how to free up their time, organise their systems and finally master their marketing so they make much more money and enjoy more time off!

Giveaway: The Fatal Mistakes Most Women Business Owners Make That Prevents Them From Achieving Their True Potential

Lyn Prowse-Bishop

Lyn Prowse-Bishop - OIVAC - 5 Tips for Starting Your VA Practice

Australian Virtual Business Network
Warwick, Australia

Presentation: 5 Tips for Starting Your VA Practice



So you want to be a VA but don’t know where to start? Get these five top tips from a seasoned VA to kick start your practice. Participants attending this session will gain information on how to get started in their VA practice - including what a VA practice is NOT - and the motivation to go out and do it!

Lyn Prowse-Bishop is Australia’s first certified Master Virtual Assistant (MVA), an EthicsChecked VA, Accredited Secretary Online (ASO), Certified Australian Virtual Business, 2008 Australian Achiever Award - Highly Recommended, 2007 Business Achiever’s Award winner for Professional Services, and 2006 Thomas Leonard International VA of Distinction Award Nominee. She has been in private practice since February 2000 as owner/manager of Executive Stress Office Support, coming from 15+ years' experience in senior Executive PA roles in the legal and hospitality industries.

Craig Rispin

Craig Rispin - OIVAC Presenter

Future Trends Group
Warwick, Australia

Presentation: 10 Secrets for Driving Real Business to Websites


Some people think driving qualified customers to a website is difficult and expensive. It's not - it's easy, cheap and fun! Find out about the surprising techniques producing real results including:

• Using YouTube to promote a website and a business
• How Google Maps can bring customers to your doorstep
• Best practices for Search Engine Optimization
• Latest research on successful Pay Per Click campaigns
• How to see inside competitors' web marketing
• Find the gaps in the online marketplace for yourself and your clients
• Integrating social networking into online marketing
+ More!

Craig Rispin is a Business Futurist and Innovation Expert. His expertise is in emerging business, people and technology trends - and how companies can profit from them. He has over 20 years experience working where the future has been created - with some of the most innovative companies in the world in the IT, consumer electronics, internet and broadcasting industries. In fact, Craig got his start much earlier than that - teaching adults about technology and trends from the age of 10! Some of his clients include: Apple, Philips, IBM, GE, Canon, Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, Symantec, and Disney.

Jon Rognerud

Jon - OIVAC - SEO for BeginnersSEO Training

Passadena, CA

Presentation: SEO for Beginners



Use SEO to build rankings, traffic, awareness to your brand. Simple steps to better search engine results. Learn basic techniques to make a potentially BIG change in the way you are using your website today. This will cover on-page factors and link building, and a touch of social media marketing.

Jon Rognerud is a recognized author, blogger and consultant with over 20 years of experience in technology and marketing. Currently the SEO columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine, blogger at Network World, and running his own search marketing firm in Pasadena, CA. Wrote the best-seller "The Ultimate Guide to SEO" - currently in bookstores nationwide.

Giveaway:  5 books to be given away for FREE - to the "best questions asked".

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Nancy Seeger

Nancy Seeger - OIVAC - How to Design a Website that Appeals to Your Audience

Arts Assistance
Fairfax, VA

Presentation: How to Design a Website that Appeals to Your Audience

Having a well developed website visually that will reach your audience is a key component of marketing. Target your market by identifying who they are, what they like and conforms to their industry. Designing your website to be visually appealing, industry specific with effective navigation will more successfully reach potential clients. SEO and well-constructed text are all important but don't scare potential clients away with an outdated or visually out of sync look that doesn't inspire confidence. Visually appealing websites are essential to being competitive and an often over looked part of marketing. During this session yo will obtain tips to redesign your website to be attractive to potential customers and inspire confidence in your business.

Nancy Seeger of Arts Assistance is a VA specializing in Web Design and graphics for the performing arts and small businesses. A former orchestra manager of 16 years, Nancy began working on websites in the mid 90s. Now a certified Web Designer, Nancy opened Arts Assistance in 2007 and has a full VA practice including a GRAMMY Artist.

Giveaway:  "The Principals of Beautiful Web Design" PDF

Sherra Scott

Sheerra Scott - OIVAC - Quickbooks for VAs

Quality Practice Management Solutions

Elgin, SC




Presentation: Quickbooks for VAs - Parts 1 & 2

Learn how to evaluate which version of QuickBooks is best for your VA practice and tips and tricks for everyday QuickBooks use by Virtual Assistants. By the end of this presentation, virtual assistants should have a better understanding of how to manage and evaluate their business using QuickBooks.

Sherra Scott began her virtual assistant business in 2007 after more than 17 years experience in the corporate world. She is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Certified Internet Marketing Virtual Assistant & Social Media Marketing Specialist. She is an active member of VANetworking and the International Virtual Assistants Association.

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Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten - OIVAC Presenter


Oakville, ON, CA

Presentation:  How to Succeed in Social Media by Using Social Currency


Social media can work very well if you know how to invest your social currency into it. Most people don't understand for it to explode your business, you've got to invest in others first.

During this session, Scott will tell you how to:

  • What the three good social currency investment areas are
  • How people invest poorly on Facebook and Twitter, and how to avoid it
  • Set-up your Twitter page so it brings in the most followers
  • Have your followers turn into a word-of-mouth army for you on social media sites
  • Be yourself, be authentic and make it work for your business

Scott Stratten is a speaker & a Jedi of viral marketing. His online viral movies have been seen over 60 million times and has generated massive profits and lists for himself and his clients. He was recently named the "Most Influential Person on Twitter" a social networking site with an estimated 4 million people. His combination of viral and social media success has given him insights into the online world that he will share with you!

Giveaway: TBA

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Tawnya Sutherland

Tawnya Sutherland - Presenter - OIVACVA Networking.com
Surrey, BC, Canada

Presentation: Is Becoming a Virtual Assistant Right for You?


If you are person with administrative work experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and are looking to work from home to be your own boss then this class is for you! It is for aspiring and successful Virtual Assistants, Administrative Assistants and home based business entrepreneurs worldwide interested in learning how to startup up a Virtual Assistant business online. Tawnya will show you the personal and prosperous benefits you will enjoy running your own Virtual Assistant business working from home by clearly giving you the resources and business know-how to help inspire and motivate you to make that final decision to open up your Virtual Assistant business quickly and easily!

Participants will walk away knowing if starting up a VA business is the right option for them. Each will receive knowledge of business tools and resources available to them to startup a virtual assistant business of their own.

There will be a Q & A to answer any VA business startup questions so participants walk away with answers about becoming a virtual assistant.

Tawnya Sutherland is founder of VAnetworking.com the largest social networking site for Virtual Assistants worldwide online. She is a modern mensch for VAs wanting to learn, share and grow their business and speaks globally on virtual assistance. She hosts "The VA Talk Show", an educational podcast for Virtual Assistants. Her internationally acclaimed "Virtual Business Startup System (VBSS)" is a comprehensive toolkit designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs build a viable virtual assistance business in easily and successfully.

Inspirations to Become a Virtual Assistant eBook

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Kathie Thomas

Kathie Thomas - OIVAC - Networking -  Business or Social?

A Clayton's Secretary

Cheltenham, Vic, Australia

Presentation: Networking - Business or Social?



There's a wealth of business and social networking tools out there. How do you choose which ones to join, how do you manage the time to participate and how will they help get new clients?

To demonstrate that keeping in touch with the new networking tools online is a great way to help create brand awareness for your business.

Kathie M. Thomas is the founder of "A Clayton's Secretary" and one of the global pioneers of the Virtual Assistant industry worldwide. Her name is well known in the industry. Twice nominated for “Australian of the Year” Kathie is known for her work in assisting others to establish businesses at home so they can be present for their families.

Giveaway: TBA

Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams - OIVAC - Branding - It's Personal!

The 24 Hour Secretary

Randallstown, MD


Presentation:Your True Brand Identity Can Make or Break Your Business


For some reason, one of the last things small business owners add to their arsenal is a brand identity -- which is not just your logo, slogan, colors, or website.

As a matter of fact, many have no idea what it is and why it is an essential element of their business development -- and even life.

Why ?

Because your brand is personal!

It identifies what makes you different from the pack. It's your authentic story and a combination of your reputation, trust, attention and execution. It should be the foundation from which you create, build and sustain your business.

Join Sharon as she explores 9 essential elements of creating a tag line and Personal Brand, and how they lead to authenticity, consistency and clarity.

Sharon Williams is the founder of the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention and Alliance for Virtual Businesses. Her passion is helping business owners identify their emotional connection to their business through developing plans and marketing strategies that resonate amongst their target audience. She is the originator of the "Let Your Virtual Assistant Handle It" series, 365 case studies identifying small business owner problems and the solutions VAs offer.

Giveaway: TBA

Sharon Williams

Sharon Williams - OIVAC - Branding - It's Personal!

The 24 Hour Secretary
Randallstown, Maryland

Presentation: Creating a Successful Business Plan that Reflects Your Vision


A business plan is the roadmap to chart the course of your business. It is an essential tool for any prudent entrepreneur wanting to optimize growth and development according to their priorities, and regardless of the size of the business. It can also uncover omissions and/or weaknesses in your planning process.

Stop struggling because you lack the basic building blocks provided in a business plan, or, haven't updated your plan in years -- and as a result, your business is stagnant. Join Sharon as she opens your thoughts to "fresh" ideas, by identifying 5 key elements of a successful business plan:

  • vision
  • mission
  • objectives
  • strategies
  • plans

Sharon Williams is the founder of the Online International Virtual Assistants Convention and Alliance for Virtual Businesses. Her passion is helping business owners identify their emotional connection to their business through developing plans and marketing strategies that resonate amongst their target audience. She is the originator of the "Let Your Virtual Assistant Handle It" series, 365 case studies identifying small business owner problems and the solutions VAs offer.


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